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  1. Kathryn Saunders
    Kathryn Saunders sjcam_admin
    Hi all

    Just got my new camera a couple of days ago. I recorded footage and it comes out in a bunch of small video's. How to change this? Also when trying to playback in windows media player or even in my video studio software they won't fully play and I than get windows media player crashing or my studio software crashes.

    1. sjcam_admin
      For the bunch of small videos, you definitely have the loop recording on. Just turn it off, it's probably in small 3 minutes cuts. Its usually for dashcam use.
      If your windows media player is crashing all the time, it may be a codec problem on your computer. You need to install more codecs specific to your system. Just google about CODECs.
      Hope this helps!
      May 16, 2017
  2. Peter Watkins
    Peter Watkins sjcam_admin
    Adrian You need to go to the Top Menu. Scroll through settings to "Car Mode" icon on Page 2/2. Select this with the Start button . The car icon should now be on-screen. Press "Down". You get the DashCam Menu. Turn DashCam "On" and set Loop Recording to 3/5/10 mins. Also set Power On Record if you want to Start when you start the Engine (connect car charger). This should overwrite on a Oldest-Out basis.
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  3. okidodaniel
  4. adrianspilsbury
    adrianspilsbury sjcam_admin
    Can anyone help I'm trying to use my Sj5000x as a dash cam.
    Is there a way to auto over write on the memory card? It runs until its full then I have to format & start again every couple of days. It's in car mode set with a 10 min loop. Cheers Adrian
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  5. NicSanico
    Hi sj team can you please add the delay timer to be visible at the front screen on the sj6 legend. Its hard to identity. Thanks
  6. Marcofan76
    Hello people!! this is Marco from Italy... i'm a blogger, our blog is focused on Action Cam and Drones
  7. Manuel Cervera
    Manuel Cervera
    Hi, someone can help me, why I can't use the account created with SJCAM app in the website, always shows me password incorrect
  8. Raging Bull Ltd.
    Raging Bull Ltd.
    @We are working with new ideas@ not for old brands@
  9. Stephen L Gibson
    Stephen L Gibson
    Has anyone tried the distortion correction on still photos? I tested it today and objects close were still distorted. The video was good.