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    To find out the Distributor or Reseller nearest you, click this: SJCAM Distributors and Resellers

    If you would like to partner with SJCAM, please check the reseller requirements.

    Any SJCAM reseller can list their SJCAM store on the SJCAM resellers thread on the official SJCAM forum. We encourage anyone selling authentic SJCAM products to list your store address and list the regions that you ship to. This list will be helpfull for people trying to buy Authentic SJCAM’s and also those who want to buy locally to avoid any potential import taxes. Please note that you will need to confirm with each reseller’s return and warranty policies.

    SJCAM official store sells retail and to only certain countries. Thanks in advance for helping better serve SJCAM customers by contributing to this Resellers List.
    To order wholesale directly from SJCAM please email us at

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