Last Chance to Place Wholesale SJCAM Orders before Lunar Holiday

This year's Lunar New Year Festival comes relatively early by starting in mid-January. Normally, the Lunar festival arrives in February or March. SJCAM will be celebrating the Lunar Festival from January 22nd to February 4th 2017.  All factories and shipping companies will be closed in China during this period. This means that larger if you [...]

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The SJ6 LEGEND’s Official Manual Is Out!

The Official Manual for the SJ6 LEGEND has finally arrived. And we're proud to say that since it is SJCAM's very first implementation of the touchscreen and two displays, we made sure that the features and options are properly presented and explained. Head over to our support site to download the PDF now. Or click [...]

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SJCAM SJ7 Star Native 4K Tester’s Needed

SJCAM is looking for 2-3 product testers for new releases. With the SJ7 Star slated to officially release after the Chinese New Year, we are looking for several camera specialists to help us iron out any issues that may exist in the current firmware. Having a social media channel with many followers will be a [...]

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SJCAM Holidays Photo and Video Contest!

It's contest time at SJCAM once again… Lots of prizes at stake! Celebrate SJ Time ("Season of Jolly" :)), the holidays, up to the Chinese New Year! Join this contest with your loved ones and get a chance to win an SJCAM! This time there are 2 categories to join in, photo and video. We [...]

The NEW SJ360 is now shipping!

We’ve waited long for the first 360° panoramic SJCAM Action Camera and now it is finally here! The SJ360 is a very welcome addition to the SJCAM lineup of awesome action cameras. It features a tested and proven Novatek 96660 chipset capable of great performance as previously used in other models, an amazing 2K Sony [...]

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Those Crazy Camera Angles!

It’s astonishing how people can get creative with their SJCAM action cameras. We have seen a lot of videos showing the simplest tasks looking absolutely amazing by having the camera positioned someplace not commonly thought of. The “Wow” factor is just through the roof! Yes, we know. Isn’t that just… jaw-dropping? (Please, please don't do this at [...]

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These 3 SJCAM cameras are 4K-capable!

We recently put together some of the most awesome 4K-capable SJCAM action cameras side by side so you can compare them. If you have any of these three, you are assured that you are can take amazingly vivid pictures and eye-popping clear videos even when viewed on your huge 4K UHD TV. What's more is that [...]

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SJCAM is now giving you your action cameras at a lower price!

We just can't wait for Black Friday. We want to give this to you now. Yes! We just made it easier for you to choose what to give as gifts to yourself and to your loved ones. SJCAM is now bringing the price down on a lot of our action camera models well ahead of Black Friday! This [...]

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The SJ6 LEGEND is just awesome!

You know you want a new action camera. Something new, something awesome, something you can do awesome things with and show the whole world what awesome things you can do. Even if that whole world means just your best friend, or your family, or your dog. Even if those awesome things include just you doing a [...]

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My SJCAM Summertime video contest has ended and it was absolutely awesome! We have received over 70 videos from all over the world and over 40 qualifying videos followed all the contest rules. As expected, we had a difficult time choosing which among the participants' videos should get the top spot. Summertime is different all throughout [...]

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