Handheld full visual-surround panoramic
action camera.

Seize Every 360 degrees of excitement.

SJCAM A7S     | LCD0.96″screen    | 10M wifi

1080P HD quality     | 1700mAh battery     | VR connection

  • 720°Video playback
  • WIFI
  • stand by VR
  • 1700mAh Battery
  • Fisheye lens

360°Panoramic field of view

Ultra Wide Angle large-iris lenses eliminate blind spots. No escaping the visual field.
The SJ360+ body is designed to give the widest possible unobstructed field of view.
Dual Ultra-Wide-Angle Lenses have larger apertures that work to create a breathtaking view of
all directions.

Works the same way our eyes see
the world. Absolutely awesome.

Each high-definition optical-glass fisheye lens produce
clean, crisp images for a natural visual-surround envi-
ronment recording.

Share your precious moments to your
friends anywhere in the world.

Unrestrained, Let life become the large travel

The SJCAM A7S chipset. A Professional image processor that is perfect for achieving smooth
recordings with real-time preview, great for indoors and outdoors, for travel, for business,
or any other application

SJCAM Pano Smartphone app –One-key sharing.
Simple and elegant.

Movie clips can be uploaded to the SJCAMPANO Social Media platform, and in many other
networks like “Facebook、Twitter、Google+、Instagram、Wechat、QQ、Sina、Baidu. Let the world see your
dazzling experiences

Supports uploading 360°panoramic video to
Facebook and Youtube

SJ360+ uses a much bigger battery for longer
recording sessions.

SJCAM panoramic camera’s built-in 1700mAh large-capacity battery can record 90 full minutes of HD
panorama video with WIFI off, and 75 mins when WIFI is on.


Life is meant to be recorded in full 360 surround.
Save every captivating moment with the best technology can offer today.
SJCAM panoramic camera