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Security Check

How to verify your SJCAM is Authentic?

Step 1. Scan the QR code on the package or enter directly into your browser.

Step 2. Scratch the silver layer completely off to see the verification code.

Step 3. Enter the verification code into the boxes and click the “Verify” button.


NOTE:   Our latest batch of stickers were printed with incorrect format. If your package has a number with 5-4-5-4  format, please enter the code using a 5-5-4-4 format. For example pictures check out our Blog

Please write the number on your box in the following manner:
(5) (5) (4) (4)


Another way that you can verify whether your camera is authentic is by connecting to the SJCAM Zone App. The QR code should be on the side of your package and on the back of your user manual. If you are able to connect to the SJCAM Zone App, then your camera is authentic.

if you camera does not have wifi, then please email us your code at [email protected]
and we will help you verify.

You could inquire the authenticity of the product here here if you have doubt.