Hello SJCAM Users,

If you bought a camera in any period through September through November, there is a good chance the Authenticity verification code sticker may has the incorrect format.

If you try to enter the code as printed on your sticker and it has format 5-4-5-4 (XXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX-XXXX) then there is a good chance you will receive a verification code error.

Verification Code Sticker

If when you enter your authentication code you get a error or fake response, then try using the proper format: 5-5-4-4. Here is an example of the correct authentication code format:

Verification - Entering Number 5-5-4-4

Entering the Authentication code using the 5-5-4-4 formation should give you a positive authentication code response:

Verification - Results


The Verify SJCAM Authentication page is here.  If you enter your code using the 5-5-4-4 method and still give a negative authentication or “Fake” response, then try connecting to the SJCAM Zone (SJ5000+ App for SJ5000+) App on iTunes or Play Store. If you can connect to the SJCAM App, then you camera is original.

If you have any other questions or comments please post them on the SJCAM Forum. You can also open a Support Ticket.


SJCamHD.com Team


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